People come to travel solo or joining group tours for many different reasons, including to help heal a broken heart.

Traveling opens the mind, no matter how it’s done, I prefer going into the hidden destinations and places, you meet so many absolutely awesome people, even if you can’t speak to them, you build connection and find that there is kindness everywhere. It opens your mind and heart once again to the absolute wonders of the earth. I was horribly lost in the streets of Bangkok, chased out of a temple in Chiang Mai, found the greatest fish market in Hanoi and ate lunch with adorable students in Phnom Penh….I’ll never forget it and only hope everyone has an experience like mine. Every experience no matter how it’s done, you’ll learn something from it.

I started traveling when my heart was broken really badly…then every moment it cracked some more I took off again…but in reality, you can’t escape facing the physical, mental pain no matter where you are….but it sure helps not to have to face the source every single day..!!! You let go, yes letting go is a ritual, I have ripped and burned names and memories from the peak of the mountains, from ocean crossings, after a much awaited belly laugh with a total strangers…you can do this at home too though…Just enjoy life and LOVE YOURSELF.

I bet most of you work even on holidays and offset it on the right time. That’s exactly what I did to have an incredible weekend in the province of Camarines Sur. With awesome friends from the blogosphere and the amazing people from TravelBook, altogether we chased sunsets and beaches, enjoying local cuisine prepared with local ingredients and met brand new friends. If you have been following my personal account on Instagram you know exactly where we were last weekend. So to give you a quick recap of our Caramoan trip, check out these amazing photos that will make you want to pack your bags and travel to CARAMOAN.

caramoan itinerary

Enjoying our happy meal at Al del Rio Resort in Caramoan.

caramoan itinerary

Another scenic view from Guinahoan Island, Caramoan, where rugged mountains meet the Sea. Looking for chirping birds, picturesque view of mountains, pleasant climate and empty roads? This is where you should be…

Manlawi Sandbar of the Caramoan Peninsula is the site of the floating huts that runs aground by its sand during low tide.

caramoan itinerary

A day was not enough to visit all the islands in Caramoan but we’re thankful to have finally visited one of the beautiful islands in Caramoan. [photo credit: Karen Luminario |]

caramoan itinerary

Yupakit Beach on the other hand is a perfect haven for campers because the sand is soft and fluffy plus the shoreline is flat and wide. When it comes to camping, I usually think of the woods… but Yupakit beach is a great option, too!

caramoan itinerary

Scenic view from Guinahoan lighthouse. A fantastic sight that brings peace within. How i love to open my eyes with this captivating form of different views of natural features…

caramoan itinerary

Guinahoan Island is a secret paradise waiting to be discovered. The impressive white solar-powered lighthouse of Guinahoan Island is rapidly gaining popularity among Caramoan visitors.

caramoan itinerary

The island of Matukad requires your more adventurous and daring version. There’s a steep rock cliff here concealing an enchanted lagoon. And according to locals, a sole milkfish guards the lagoon which only shows itself to people of good character.


caramoan itinerary

Cagbanilad island, is perfect spot for snorkeling and relaxing by the ocean. Cagbalinad is a small secluded island facing the expensive resort laden Gota Island of Caramoan.

caramoan itinerary

Bikal port is one of the ports in Caramoan which is main way to outrigger boats for hire that bring tourists to different islands.

caramoan itinerary

Sometimes you just need to schedule a photo session at the beach for the simple reason that you’re, well, at the Lahus beach. [photo credit: Pia Bernaldo | TravelBook]

caramoan itinerary

Staying awesome by finding yourself a good stay at home accommodation like Al del Rio Resort. Check discounted rates here: Al del Rio Villa Resort

Have you ever considered staying in a homestay resort? Then you should check out Al del Rio, a homestay resort within close proximity of the Caramoan Port. This is a beautiful part of Bicol, and staying at the Al Del Rio will enable you to be comfortable at an affordable price. Al Del Rio offers you a personalised service by the home owners Allan and Rose, who will make sure that your stay is a memorable one. You will be able to avail yourself of delicious home cooked meals with the freshest seafood, as well as spacious rooms. A vacation in Caramoan can be truly intriguing, and with a relaxing yet affordable accommodation at the Al Del Rio homestay resort, you are going to make it even more unforgettable.

Al Del Rio started with having 0 guests despite it being summer of 2012 until finally started getting quite a few guests who trusted and recommended by their friends. Al del Rio welcomes adventure seekers, backpackers, travellers, company outings, outreach teams, travel agencies, couples and families.

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How it could not be… A special thanks to and Al del Rio Villa Resort for hosting the first Travelbook blogger getaway. Special hugs and greetings to you guys! Thank you again for providing us with such a simple yet welcoming accommodation during our stay in Caramoan. It’s never easy being away from home, but you made it so special, we didn’t want to leave. Can’t wait to be back!

Today is a new day! Although time seems to fly, it never travels faster than one day at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to live your life to the fullest. In each waking day, you will find scores of blessings and opportunities for positive change. Do not let your Today be stolen by the unchangeable past or the indefinite future. Today is a new day. – Steve Maraboli

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Manage time and enjoy life.

Bloggers mandatory shot at Yupakit beach. [photo credit:]

So basically all these photos and experiences are kind of combining into my head into this one epic beach adventure series and all deserve separate post and discussion on so stay tuned! I’m balancing the blog with countless busy travels hopping from one destination to another week after week and so I realized that I specifically want to slow down to be able to continue be travel blogger for a very long time. I love this path and I don’t want to burn out. Now that I have made a decision to slow things down, I know I will survive and manage to have a happy life and get my work done at the same time.

Getting lost. ⛵

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