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Bored of the same old routine in your everyday life? Looking for a place to escape, to relax, and rejuvenate your soul? Yearning to feel the warmth of sand between your toes and smell the refreshing, salty scent of the sea? Well then, La Union is the place for you. Located on the beautiful island of Luzon in the Ilocos Region of the Philippines, La Union is the ideal getaway destination for those seeking to spend the weekend in one of the best surf spots in all of Philippines. With its exotic cuisine, breathtaking sights and a host of welcoming locals, a weekend is all it will take for you to fall in love with this beautiful province.

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How to Get To La Union:

Reaching La Union is exceptionally simple; it’s among the easiest destinations to reach locally. Buses depart from Pasay and Cubao every hour and will take you to the city of Laoag. If you’re going to be residing in the surf city of San Juan, then you can ask to be dropped off there instead. Remember to bring along your favourite mix of travel tunes and you’re all set to enjoy the comfortable ride.

Places to Stay:

La Union hosts a wide array of fabulous beach hotels and resorts. Below I’ve picked out two popular destinations that tourists most frequently visit:

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  • Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa: Based at the heart of San Juan, Kahuna Beach Resort is a luxurious hotel for those seeking comfort at its best and a direct window view of the beach. The beach houses 3 swimming pools, a collection of charming Balinese inspired cottages and offers a delicious and varied cuisine to all its guests (ranging from pizza to sushi, you’ll find all sorts of both international and local food there). The highlight of the resort is its location – relax to the sound of the rolling waves and bask in the beauty of the crimson sunset. Kahuna is a great place to stay in La Union.

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  • Awesome Hotel: The Awesome Hotel is also located on San Juan Beach and offers impeccable service to all its visitors. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option compared to Kahuna, Sunset Bay and the other slightly more expensive resorts than the Awesome Hotel will be to your immense liking. The resort prides itself in its Classic Modern styled rooms and large outdoor pool for its guests. Meals are prepared by an internationally recognized chef. Its beachside location and high-quality services make The Awesome Hotel an amazing place to stay.
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Sites to Visit:

Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan: For both tourists and locals alike San Juan is popularly termed the beating heart of surfing. Therefore, the first spot on our list of the must-see places in La Union begins with Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan – the place people come to at all times of the year to spend the day expertly riding the waves, or learning how to surf. Although surfers throng to the beach all year round the peak seasons are from July to October (the North Swell) and November to March (the South Swell). Get gloriously tanned on the sunny sands or take up surfing lessons from your very own personal instructor – Urbiztondo Beach promises an enjoyable time to its visitors.

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Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel: San Gabriel is just a 40-minute jeep ride away from San Juan. Once in the town, you can take a tricycle and tell the driver you’re off to Tangadan Falls… he will take you there for a small fee of 50PHP. The site is rapidly gaining immense popularity in the Philippines for its incredible beauty and opportunities for cliff diving. On arriving at the site you’ll need to hire a tour guide for the hour long hike up to the falls; after reaching them you can even jump off from the top of the main ones for an intense adrenaline rush!

Ma Cho Temple, San Fernandez: When going to La Union it would be a shame not to stop by the vibrant capital city, San Fernandez. Among a variety of other attractions, the city hosts the ancient Ma Cho Temple, situated on the hills of San Fernandez and overlooking the China Sea. People from all over the world visit the holy place to ask for luck from the Chinese Deity Ma Cho, light some incense and offer their prayers, or to simply bask in the gorgeous views surrounding the beautiful monument. The temple was built in 1975 and is famous for its intricate design, and rich history.

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Till now we’ve covered a lot about La Union, from places to stay to places to see. Only one thing now remains: food! Foodies will be pleased to know that La Union isn’t just famous for its waves and beaches; the food scene is pretty delicious as well. To begin with, tourists may like to visit Halo Halo De Iloko Balay, located on Zandueta Road in La Union. It serves special authentic cuisine and prides itself on having the best native food around. Be sure to try their Fiesta Halo-Halo and you surely won’t be disappointed!

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If you’re in the mood for some rich, delicious coffee, then your next food stop should definitely be El Union, a cozy café along the MacArthur National Highway. El Union’s started off as a small shop which then gained rapid popularity due to its amazing blends of freshly ground coffee. Make sure to drop by and dip some graham crackers deep into their popular dessert, indoor smores to taste the gooey chocolate beneath.

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La Union easily tops every traveller’s bucket list – if you’re yearning the rumble of the sea alongside some good quality coffee, be sure to visit as soon as possible!


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